Closure Torque Tester

Containers of round or irregular shapes with diameter of 10-190mm can be quickly and securely held between the easily adjustable clamp posts. There is no need for time-consuming tooling changes between different bottles and caps. The stainless steel/ anodized aluminum top-plate is sculpted to incorporate a drip tray and can be wiped clean after any spillage with minimal risk of liquid ingress. It clearly presents the values for both ‘slip torque’ and ‘bridge torque’ on the same display.

Closure Torque Testor Saudi Arabia

 Model  QT-010
 Measurement Range  0 ~ 10 N-m,0 ~ 100 kgf-cm,0 ~ 90 lbf-in
 Display Resolution  0.001 N-m,0.01 kgf-cm,0.01 lbf-in
 Container Diameter  Φ10 ~ 190 mm
 Units of Measurement  N-m,mN-m, N-cm,kgf-cm, gf-cm, lbf-ft,Bf-in, ozf-in
 Sampling rate  1200 Hz
 System Accuracy  ±0.5% full scale
 Overload  Typically 150% of full scale deflection
 Power  Single phase 110V or 220V,6A
 Dimension  45 × 19 × 13.6 cm
 Weight  5.6 kgs

We offer full after-sales service, technical support and warranty for our torque testers in all major cities in Saudi Arabia.