8511 Anesll Edge 48-128 An economical solution for light applications. Cut Level 1. Polyester Lining. Nitrile Coating. Good level of abrasion and oil resistance. Dark glove shows dirt contamination less quickly.
Ansell Edge 48-140 Electrostatic dissipative as per EN1149 at a reasonable price. Made of a seamless 13 gauge polyester & carbon fiber liner, with polyurethane palm coating.
Ansell Edge 48-216 EDGE® 48-216 glove is a heavy duty welding glove that provide EN12477 Type-A protection for demanding welding and thermal job tasks.Suitable for stick and MIG welding, as well as torch cutting and grinding.
Ansell Edge 48-193 A cost effective solution for heavy weight applications requiring a good level of abrasion resistance along with liquid repellency in cold environments.
8511 Anesll Edge 48-705 High cut protection Level 5 and abrasion level. Good grip in dry environment. Palm dipping provide good protection against oil compared to a knitted or cut and sew glove. Spandex Nylon Glass fiber Lining. PU coated.
Nitri-Tech III Gloves Offers very good abrasion and puncture resistance, and protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, oils and certain solvents. Comfortable to wear.
Disposable Nitrile Ansell 82-133 Manufactured with a thinner nitrile formulation that increases comfort and improves flexibility without compromising protection.
Ansell Edge 48-500 Cost effective solutions for heavy handling. Good level of abrasion. Nitrile coating deliver long lasting performance. Oil and liquid repellent. Ideal glove for metal fabrication industry. Economical compared to normal leather gloves.
Ansell Edge 48-703 Cost effective solution for medium weight applications. Good dexterity and flexibility. High cut protection and abrasion level. Good grip in dry and slightly oily environments. The leather pad provides extra safety in terms of grip, cut, abrasion protection and cushioning during stamping applications.
Cryogenic Gloves Honeywell Cryogenic gloves is water-repellent cowhide grain leather. Fully lined aluminized polar fleece, 20 cm split leather cuff with Velcro® strap. CE CATEGORY : II Intermediary risks In accordance with standards : EN 420-2003 EEC Basic standards EN 388-2003 Mechanical Hazards EN 511-2006 Cold protection. Protection against small drops of liquid gas up to - 170°C.

Fire Fighter Gloves The 2D design provides outstanding abrasion resistance protection. The anatomically correct thumb to finger movement allows for better grip and tactility. These gloves feature a thermal lining and PRO-TECT™ glove inserts for added thermal protection. Durable Kevlar® thread on shell and elastic stitching gives a comfortable feel with additional support. Manufacturer : Innotex, USA
Steel Mesh Gloves Stainless steel mesh gloves offer the ultimate in cut protection. Made of corrosion resistant, stainless steel rings. These gloves provide cut and puncture protection to workers in hazardous industries including food processing and textile and apparel cutting operations. Individual welded stainless steel rings provide maximum strength and optimal cut resistance. Note: Sold as individual gloves and not in pairs.
Heat Resistant Gloves The NSA aluminized rayon-backed gloves offer abrasion-resistant leather palms and a wool lining. Palms are heat-resistant up to 450°F. Aluminized gloves provide excellent radiant heat protection and shield hands from many of the most dangerous burns. Leather palm. 14"L. 395°F Max. Temp
Ansell 92-675 Disposable Durable Nitrle Gloves. Textured finger to offer better safety and exceptional grip during lab applications. This glove meets the specific standards set up by FDA for food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600). Complies with FDA food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600).
Ansell SOLVEX 37-175 Designed to deliver optimal results in wet or dry work environments where chemical resistance is crucial Fully reusable, with an unequaled abrasion resistance Provides superb comfort for the wearer FDA Food Approved Cotton flocking, reducing sweat for the wearer The sandpatch finish gives the glove a smooth surface.

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