8511 Ear Muffs Standard Ear Muffs that wrap around the user's neck while working with a hard hat or else over the head when not using a safety helmet Ref: 3M H9A.
Foldable Ear Muffs Foldable Ear Muffs neatly fold away for conveneint storage after use. Provides same noise reduction levels as other models. Ref:3M 1436
Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs Detachable Helmet Mounted models easily fold away to the top of the helmet when not required. Very convenient and light weight. Ref: 3M Optime 98 H9P3E
EAR PLUG Disposable ear plugs in corded and uncorded models. Ref: 3M 1100,3M 1110.
Ear Plug Dispenser Disposable E-A-Rsoft™ earplugs can help to reduce audible noise in work environments. They are engineered with polyurethane foam and pre-formed in a tapered shape to fit into ear canals. The 400-pair bottle is compatible as a refill for the One Touch Dispenser sold separately.
Noise Indicator Noise Indicator NI-100 is designed to alert users to hazardous noise levels. It clips to clothing and uses a LED light to offer real-time noise detection, signaling when hearing protection may be required.With a rechargeable battery that operates for up to 200 hours between charges, it’s an economical investment in your hearing conservation program. The NI-100 can be used as an effective training tool within a Hearing Conservation Program (consult OSHA Standard 1910.95) to help ensure workers know when and where to wear hearing protection. Safety and health professionals can also use it as a mapping tool to determine where noise studies are necessary. In a variable noise environment, the 3M noise indicator can help train workers as to when noise levels become potentially hazardous and hearing protection may be required. Red Flashing LED indicates noise levels are above 85 dBA and hearing protection may be required. Green Flashing LED indicates noise levels are below 85 dBA and hearing protection may not be necessary.
Sound Level Meterr The 407730 sound level meter measures from 40 to 130dB with an accuracy of 2dB. The digital display offers a 0.1dB resolution and features a fast responding analog bar graph. User can choose A or C weighting. Max Hold captures highest reading. Includes microphone wind screen and four AAA batteries.