8511 Dunnage Bags Dunnage bags secure and stabilize the goods by filling the voids between the cargo and can absorb huge motional forces. Dunnage bags are easy to use and will save you time and money during loading of goods. Dunnage Bags are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems.
Tie Down Ratchet Straps Tie down straps (also called lashing straps), is a very common and recognised product for multiple usage. At Mega Fortris we carry in stock the most popular sizes and strengths. All our tie down ratchet straps meet the local European Standards.
Polyester Lashing Lashing Straps are a cost effective and easy to handle system. They are a suitable alternative for ratchet tie down straps or complex wooden crates. The use of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flat racks and in containers. Lashing straps are utilized to tie bulky goods together and to fix them on suitable carriers. In combination with our buckles and fasteners, a reliable connection between product and carrier is established. Lashing straps are available in a variety of strengths and widths to support a huge number of loading applications in trucks, containers, railway wagons, flat racks and vessels.
Strapping Strapping provides an efficient load securing solution for a wide variety of applications. Strapping is our co-extruded polyester strapping made from high tenacity polyester fibre materials. Our strapping is available in three types: Polyester Composite, Woven Polyester and Hot Melt Strapping.
8511 Steel Buckles for Strapping Buckles and hooks that go well with our high quality lashing and strapping products. Choosing the right buckle and hook for the specific job is essential to secure the load and prevent damages. We are providing a wide range of buckles and hooks for different load carriers and load applications that meet international recognised standards.
Edge Protectors Edge Protectors are in many cases a supportive solution to protect and reinforce goods by supporting the lashing and strapping being used. Edge protector's offer economical cargo protection, as they can be re-used several times for the same applications, whether loading on trucks or inside containers.
Strapping Dispensers Strapping Dispensers are designed to ensure that our Polyester Strapping stays clean and in perfect shape. Our Strapping Dispensers are available as a mobile or static version. The mobile version has a large tray for buckles and strapping tensioners to provide the user with a complete strapping system, that is easy to use on any application. Strapping tensioners provide efficient and easy to use load securing with strapping bands and lashing straps. Strapping Tensioners are available for all strapping width's, different applications, materials and manufacturing qualities.
Strapping Tensioner

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