8511 Meshal Gloves Clip Securely keep your protective gloves by your side, simply clip/unclip and go. Use of Meshal gloves clip can reduce lost glove replacement costs and provides workers with an easy way to remove and keep gloves while on scaffolds etc without the fear of gloves falling down.
Hand Operated Siren LK 120 Sound Rating : 120(+/-)2db(A)@1M, Output Frequency : 600(+/-)20 Hz, Effective Range : 1.5 Km diameter LK-120 is designed to provide effective warning in locations where there is no power supply such as: Civil defence,Camp sites etc. As it is lightweight (9 kgs), it can be easily transported to remote locations and folds up to a small size.
8511 Wind Socks
First Aid Kit
Road Safety Lamp
Safety Cone
8511 Warning Tape
Road safety Sign
Road Hump
Safety Mesh

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