8511 Disposable Masks Disposable dust masks, welding masks for multiple uses and hazard exposures. Available in multiple brands and in N95 and FFP2 standards.
Half Face Masks Half Face masks when combined with the right cartridges offer protection from harmful chemicals and gases to workers. Available in multiple brands and sizes.
Full Face Masks Full face masks when used with the right cartridges, provide filtering protection against particulates, gases and vapours present in many industrial applications.
SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) provide users with breathable air for finite period of time in harmful environments.
Fire Escape Mask The Dräger PARAT® 3200 is a mouthpiece / nose-clip escape device equipped with a multi-gas ABEK15 filter. Read More
Escape Hood The Dräger PARAT® 4700 industrial escape hood was developed with users, placing the focus on the fastest possible escape. Read More
MINISCAPE MSA miniSCAPE with TabTec filter, fits in a user's pocket and protects against numerous gases and vapors.
SCBA Cabinet Storage cabinet made of corrosion-resistant ABS protects a respirator from harsh elements. It features a viewing window, adjustable shelf, and an SCBA cylinder bracket. Mounting hardware sold separately.