8511 Container Bolt Seal Container Seal Bolts with immense tensile strength and anti-spin locking mechanisms widely used in shipping, securing intermodal containers and ground transportation. Hardened steel pin and bush for added security.The pin and bush are moulded with high-impact ABS to provide high tamper evidence. Different models and customizations offered.
Cable Seal The one-way locking mechanism of these seals provides fast and easy sealing. One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body.This cable seal is anodised in solid colours, which accommodate customised laser marking. Anodising also makes colour coding possible and eases identification from a distance. This cable seal is etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers & barcode.
Indicative Plastic Seals Indicative Plastic Seals are an easy and economical way of sealing products and devices. Quick and easy to remove, they can be customized using Logos, barcodes, serial numbers etc. Different models available in varied lengths and additional features.
Cable Breakaway Seal The Cable Breakaway seal is secured by turning the provided shear bolt until it securely locks the wire in place. The shaft of the shear bolt breaks when it has tightened the wire completely – and the seal can only be opened with a cable cutter.
8511 Strong angled Container seal Typical applications of the MF Bar Seal include securing shipping and intermodal containers. It is also widely used for ground transportation.The MF Bar is a strong bolt seal used to lock containers' central bars in securing the transportation of high-value goods. This effectively works to deter tampering and illegal access into sealed containers and trucks.
Mini Cable Locks Very user-friendly and highly tamper-evident, the Mini Cable Lock Premium seal (MCLP) can be applied to secure various applications for a range of security requirements.It is widely used on trucks, tanker trucks, air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail cars, calibrators and valves in various industries. Molded with high-impact ABS material with a galvanized steel wire rope. The resilient high-impact ABS material does not break easily and shows clear evidence of tampering.
Meter Seals The Mega Twister is a high-quality and cost-efficient sealing solution for all kinds of meters. With a polycarbonate body and an acetal tab that is available in a variety of colours, the Mega Twister can be applied with coated or non-coated stainless steel wire with attention to different requirements. Typical applications for the Mega Twister seal include the securing of utility meters, scales, gasoline pumps, drums and totes.
Tamper Evident Security Labels Holographic, tyvek, non-transfer, partial transfer, total transfer, thermal and water-sensitive labels for a variety of applications and more. We also design and supply customisable security labels that provide evidence of product, asset or cargo tampering after being sealed.
8511 Tamper Evident Bags A range of customisable TE Bags that can be easily and securely sealed and show clear signs of tampering when security is breached. Custom made TE Bags are available with Multiple Receipts with tear-off perforations and individual serial numbering.Hidden tamper-evident markings are revealed when the security tape is tampered with.TE Bags are made of Co-ex film which is resistant to oil, water and rough handling, and is 100% recyclable.

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